Grow Your Own Medicine Spring 2022

Grow + Connect + Reawaken: How to Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine Garden

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Are you ready for a Spring & Summer filled with Herbal Medicines, abundance, growth & connecting with the Earth? Feeling burnt out & craving nourishment, rest, play, connection?

Join me for 6 months of step-by-step guidance on how to Grow Your Own Medicinal Plants. In this self paced course, you will be guided through an entire growing Season from Spring to Fall, from Seed to Harvest to Making herbal Medicines. Walking with you through practical & energetic Land Tending (Gardening) of 8 Plant allies. As well as sharing Traditional Plant Medicine teachings with each of these Plants. Weaving Ancestral wisdom, Clinical knowledge, Energetics, Ceremony, Earth magic & Practical gardening skills. Your hands & heart will feel the Love as you remember & connect with the Land.

What you'll receive :

  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the entire growing season & process - sharing with you ways to grow your most abundant & thriving Medicine garden
  • Bi Monthly gardening lessons in a self paced format = 12 lessons total {a mix of PDF + Videos}
    • 8 Plant Medicine Monographs {7-10 pages each} ~ how to work with the Plants as Medicine in your daily life, their healing properties, traditional uses, clinical uses & Plant Spirit communications
    • How to make your own Medicines recipe book to learn how to make Medicines & formulas from the Plants you've grown
  • An easy to follow, in depth explanation of everything Herbal Gardening related - Soil Health, Common errors, Seed starting, Propagation methods, Natural fertilizing techniques, Irrigation, Optimal Growing conditions, Maintenance, Lunar gardening, Ceremony & Ritual in the Garden, Flower Essences etc.
  • 8 Medicinal Plants that will be connected with throughout the season
    • You'll learn how to start these 8 Plants from seed, seedling, or cutting (propagation). We will closely follow their growth throughout the life cycle. This helps you to deepen your relationship with the Plants & Land as you tend to them over the growing season. Receiving direct guidance & connection in working with their Medicine & traditional healing.
  • Access to Teachable Portal to share resources, ask me & each other questions, chat with other Land tenders as we learn from one another & troubleshoot any issues that may arise - I'm here to help during the entire process!
  • A deep understanding of growing & harvesting medicines by the Sun & Moon - as our Ancestors did. Syncing your rhythms & beneficially supporting your overall well-being
  • An expanded connection to the Earth & yourself as you tend to 8 Plant Medicines throughout their growing season {of course this is always accessible just by being with the Land, without a course, you have this ability within you}
  • Empowerment through taking steps toward self sustainability, community care, and radical change through returning back to the Medicines of the Earth, rhythms of Seasonal shifts - and remembering our Traditional ways
  • Lifetime* access to this course - so that you can come back to the lessons each year as you learn and grow. This course is meant to be an in depth resource for you to rely on year after year. Gardening is often something we learn over our lifetime, changing & growing each year

Who is this offering for?

  • YOU! If you're here, this may resonate with you on some level & you're feeling called to connect with the Land & Grow Your Own Plant Medicines & learn how to work with herbal kin this Spring
  • QTBIPOC Folks & allies feeling called to Food + Medicine sovereignty
  • Anyone who is interested in growing & working with Plant Medicines - even if you've grown some before, growing in Community offers deepened connection. You also receive in depth Plant Teachings {herbal monographs} & a Medicine making recipe book with some of my favourite formulas
  • Those who are longing to connect back to the Land + their Ancestors through Earth Tending and Growing their Medicinal Plants & would like some guidance or support
  • Anyone who wishes to build a deeper relationship & connection to themselves, and the Earth
  • Folks who feel called be more self-sustainable & self-reliant, for ourselves, family & communities, including the Land. Knowing you are able to grow & tend to your fam during times of uncertainty
  • Those looking to heal through working with Plant Medicines, and to share that healing through Medicines you craft
  • Mamas, Papas, NB/Trans Kin, Aunties, Uncles, or any other Caregivers who want to share the magic of gardening with the little elders {kids} in their life. A lot of the Plants we'll talk about are amazing for children - and it's vital to support a connection to the Earth in our Youth. It's so beautiful to do this course with little ones!
  • If you're feeling the stirrings of Spring after a long Winter & looking to plant some seeds for the future

Growing your own medicines, and caring for the Plants is one of the most beautiful ways of deepening our relationship with the Land & Plants, as well as ourself. In this offering, you will learn a lot of the practical details to growing your own herbs & creating your own home apothecary; but you'll also deepen you're relationship to Nature {which, includes yourself} and learn in depth Teachings about the Plants, Rituals, Intuitive Plant Medicine & how to make your own Medicines from what you grow. Growing your own Medicines is returning to our Roots. In this way we also receive healing on our journey. The rooted intention is deepened connection to the Earth, your Ancestors & Self. Tending to the Plants in this way brings many Teachings for us to receive, as well as healing & harmony rippling out to all our Relations as we remember. Honouring our responsibilities to the Land.

This offering is shared through my lens as a mixed Yakama, Irish & Eastern European Indigenous person. Much of what I share has been gifted through experience & directly from the Plants, Dreamtime, and tending to them over the years as well as Naturopathic training, human Teachers & gardening with my parents, and Grandparents.

I am so excited to share this course with you all & grow with you this Season! This offering may be adapted to different growing zones, and to apartment container + planter gardening as well.

We will be growing & receiving teachings, recipes & connecting with: Nettle, Marshmallow, Yarrow, Chamomile, Calendula, Mugwort, Lemon Balm, and Passionflower!

You can also grow other seeds & veggies alongside this course with foundations learned here ♥

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Your Instructor

Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND
Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND

Dr. Jacqui, ND is a mixed Indigenous Yakama, Irish, + East European Plant Medicine person, Naturopathic Doctor, and Birth Worker with a passion for connecting others to their Medicine, Ancestors, the Land + Stars for deep healing. Rekindling this remembrance you have deep in your Bones of who you are. Helping us to remember our sense of belonging, and awakening our gifts & responsibilities at this time. You, in joy + your most aligned self, are vital to the times we are in. Dr. Jacqui's teachings are rooted in traditional knowledge, direct communication with the Plants, Dreamwork, many human teachers + guides (as shared within courses & monographs, some from books and in person teachers), as well as their Naturopathic Doctorate background. Walking in her Ancestor's footsteps, a conduit between the Earth and Stars. Bringing forth Medicine & Teachings for healing, reclaiming and remembering. Join Jacqui in remembering your connection the Plants, the Land, and reclaiming your Medicine + Gifts ♥ xo

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Grow Your Own Medicine is completely self paced. However there are some dates to keep in mind! The first lesson of Grow Your Own Medicine is up immediately for you to read. We will start Planting Seeds with the first quarter Moon, between April 9th-16th or whenever you receive your Seed bundle & would like to start. All of the Lessons uploaded for you to read at your own pace starting on April 2nd. This allows some time to read through the first Lesson & gathering the needed materials to set up your space for starting your seedlings. You will have access to the course indefinitely, and can come back to the material year after year for guidance & support as you and your Plants grow! {Lifetime = As long as this domain is active <3 You can absolutely download the materials & print them for ease of use as well}
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access!! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices. {Lifetime = as long as Teachable is up :}
What format are the Lessons in?
The Teachings are a mix of PDF & Video Teachings
Do you offer Scholarships?
Yes! There are some Full & Partial Scholarship spaces available for Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous & People of Colour with financial constraints. Email [email protected] to be added to the list with the email subject "GYOM Scholarship" {very important step kin, this helps make sure I don't miss your submission}. Applicants will be chosen at random. Scholarship application closes on March 27th, 2022 & will be announced by April 5th or sooner. {Please be patient as it is just me reading through each email & getting back to people}

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