Working with Plant Medicines from the Heart

A guide to respectful Plant Medicine, Herbalism & Returning to the Earth

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Working with Plant Medicines from the Heart is a course created out of love & respect for the Plants, the Land and our Earth. It is a way to deepen your relationship with the Land, and begin working with the Plants, Land, Moon & Stars through ancient wisdom and harmony. {Connecting with the Land + Plants is within you <3 This Offering is meant to offer Support in your journey, offer tangible ways to connect + open perceptions}

Intentions for What you'll Receive:

  • In depth PDF Mini-eBook - guiding a deeper relation to the Plants, Earth, and Land as well as learning/remembering ways to connect & work with plant medicines {30+ pages}
  • Understanding how connecting to the Land is a portal to connecting to our Ancestors, and Ancestors of the Land we may live within, and the responsibility that comes with this
  • Increased confidence in communing with the Plants, and intuitively connect with them to expand your Plant Spirit consciousness
  • Guide to deepening your own intuition, and widening your perceptions
  • How to Respectfully Harvest Plant Medicines - how to harvest Leaves, Flowers, and Roots in alignment with Cosmic Cycles
  • Rituals for Harvesting
  • Ethics of ‘Wild Crafting’ - delving into ethics around foraging, if we should be engaging in Foraging at all. And also more on those words of ‘wild craft’ & how that informs our actions & potential disconnection
  • A deep feeling of belonging, and connection - as you remember. As you come home to the Land & yourself
  • Reclaiming your power, identity & traditions through connection to the Earth and Plant Medicine, we all have tended to the Land & worked with Plants {of course this also takes work outside of this offering, and is specific to your lineage(s)}
  • A Bone deep knowing that you belong to the Earth, and are not separate from Creation, you are needed here
  • Connection to a wider circle and greater healing, by coming back to engaging with the Plants in this way

*An important reminder that this offering is a guide, for folks who feel resonant ~ all of this is already within you, there is not a course that can bring you closer to the Land as you are already woven with Creation. This course offers some insight, but the real 'work' is engaging, being in relation, taking action & commitment <3

Why this Offering?

Why Connection is the FOUNDATION of Plant Medicine

After years of working with the plants, I often get the question: how do I start working with herbs? This course is the expanded answer to that question, it begins in connection + relationship + deepening your intuition. It begins with actually being with the Plants, even just a photo may offer support if you don't have access to outside spaces.

Often times, we think of learning about Plants from a purely physical point of view - thinking, 'what herbs might help with a cough?' or, 'which herbs help anxiety?' While these are valid questions, they miss an important aspect of Plant Medicine, which is about relationship. They also turn Plants into ‘things’ that are used just for us, rather than having a Spirit & sovereignty of their own.

When I first started Naturopathic medical school I was so excited for our first herbalism course - working with plants was the reason I became a Naturopathic Doctor. I began speaking with Plants as a babe, and didn’t know there were other paths. We learned so much about each plant, except, it also felt like something huge was missing. We learned their Latin Names, their constituents, their interactions with other drugs, uses, etc. But, we didn't learn to connect with them, we didn't learn to relate to them. We didn't get to truly know them, their Spirit, or the Land they're a part of. The Land that we belong to as well.

How can we learn so much about these beautiful medicines, without actually meeting them? Or knowing them on a deeper level? We can't. I knew I couldn't prescribe Plant Medicines to a patient if I had never sat with, or met, the plant! This is an Indigenous way of relating to the Plants, and part of who I am, I just didn't understand it at the time. That is what called me to start growing my own medicine, and learning to identify plants in the wild. I wanted to know them, to relate to, and connect with their being. Not only to better understand them, but, also, to have that connection & relationship with the Natural world, including myself. In coming back to the Plants, and Land, I began to reclaim my Identity & Traditions.

This remembering was a turning point in my life. No longer did I feel alone, once I remembered my connection to the Earth and all beings. Once I began caring for the Land, and protecting the Medicines, Water, Trees, from my Heart - *consciously* (this has always been part of my Earth Walk, identifying it empowered these responsibilities). I deeply believe that relating to the Earth in this way will also impact your path, and your life. To come back home to the Land, yourself, caring for one another/interspecies love.

I've never met anyone who walked the Plant Path without saying their life drastically changed once they started connecting to the Plants in this way <3

We can read about herbs, and gain so much information, but until we learn to sit with them, to be in relation to them - we are missing a vital piece. We are missing this relationship that brings Harmony. Think of it like a human, you could read a whole chapter about someone - their likes, dislikes, what they look like, their gifts, their shadow piece, etc - and that might give you some great information, but until you MET them, and sat with them for some time, you really wouldn't understand their spirit or essence. Plants are like this too.

As more people work with Plant Medicines for healing, it is even more important that we learn to care for the Earth, and how to connect with the Plants - not just use them, or take them, exploiting. But to live in harmony with our surroundings, and learn to connect to our own Nature as well. If we don't remember this connection, and who we are, we are going to destroy our Earth, the Animals & Ourselves.

This course is suitable for all levels of herbal training, and for anyone who is interested in working with plants even just for themselves or their families. This is more than just a course on how to harvest or work with plants, this is a course designed to help you connect to your own intuition, Spirit and to the Land and Plants in good way. This is a course that was created out of a longing for connection & belonging that I see everywhere in our modern society.

Connecting with Plants in this way actually makes you a better practitioner & healing guide as well, because the Plants can come to your consciousness in a different way. This is an offering to invite an opening to doors of perception, that you already hold, to communicate and relate to Plant Spirit Medicines.

Many of us have come out of relation to the Earth and the Natural world (which includes ourselves), often due to colonization + capitalism, and this is an invitation to come back home. Come back to your Ancestors, the Land, the Plants, and your Heart. Let's walk together as we learn to once again communicate with all that is around us - the trees, the plants, the water, the moon, the stars. Let's take care of one another, and care for our Earth, as we truly are all intimately connected.

Also included in this course is a Plant Ally meditation to help guide you to work with a close plant friend. Plant allies are plants that are helpful or meaningful for us in some way - some can be lifetime friends, and some come & go as we need them (or as they need us). This guided meditation will help you find & connect to one of your Plant Guides.

There is also an exercise in writing an Earth Promise as you deepen your work with Plant Medicines. We remember our responsibility here, and honour this sacred responsibility we have to creation & one another. In this way we amplify our intentions and send out loving & protective energy to the Earth. When we make commitments in writing, or with words, they sometimes hold more strength. My intention is for each of us to commit to connecting with and caring for our Earth Mother, and all of Creation ~ embodying our responsibilities with the courage & strength to carry them through

Course Outline:


Plant Medicine Stories ~ a personal journe

Nine Virtues of Yakama Nation + Earth Tending

Ancestral Connection

Connection with Self

Asking Permission

Connecting With Plants

Getting to Know our Plant family

Harvesting with Respect

How to Harvest (Flowers, Foliage, Roots)

Ethics of Wild Crafting

Plant Meditation - Finding A Plant Ally

Creating a Promise to the Earth & All of Creation - Collectively setting an intention to care for the Earth & one another

I hope you'll join me in connecting deeply with the feral & Nature that is inside of you, as well as the more than Human kin just outside your door!

Let us take care of one another, as well as our Mama Earth <3

For all of those who came before us, and generations to come.

Roots & Stars blessings, xo - Jacqui

{This offering is meant to be accessible to all. I've made this course Pay What You Can, please sit with your Heart & see what comes up. Email me if the lowest tier is not accessible right now for you.}

Your Instructor

Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND
Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND

Dr. Jacqui, ND is a mixed Indigenous Yakama, Irish, + East European Plant Medicine person, Naturopathic Doctor, and birth worker with a passion for connecting others to their Medicine, Ancestors, the Land + Stars for deep healing. Rekindling this remembrance you have deep in your Bones of who you are. Helping us to remember our sense of belonging, and awakening our gifts & responsibilities at this time. Tending to one another, tending to ourselves & returning to the Land in all ways. Repairing & restoring these kinships. You, in your medicine, in joy, in your most aligned self, are vital to the times we are in. Dr. Jacqui's teachings are rooted in direct communication with the Plants, Dreamwork, many human teachers + guides (as shared within courses & monographs, from books and in person teachers), as well as their Naturopathic Doctorate background. A conduit between the Earth and Stars. Bringing forth Medicine & teachings for healing, reclaiming and remembering. Join Jacqui in remembering your connection the Plants, the Land, and reclaiming your Medicine + Gifts ♥ xo

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  Working with Plant Medicines in a Good Way
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